Weight loss workout program calories per hour per pound of body weight

Weight loss workout program is not going to strip away pounds quickly. I would like to emphasize that the amount of energy you burn up in exercise is small compared to your average daily energy intake.

For instance, just how much energy is spent in normal daily activity?

Running at the sun

The following weight loss workout program table will give you some idea.

Bowling 1.75
Cooking 0.87
Dancing 2.1
Dishwashing 0.87
Dressing, undressing 0.92
Driving a car 0.67
Eating 1.06
Gardening 1.75
Golf 0.87
Ironing 1.1
Knitting 0.47
Laundry work 1.2
Lying in bed awake 1.16
Painting furniture 0.63
Playing piano 0.67
Reading aloud 0.74
Sewing 0.6
Singing 0.4
Sitting quietly 0.63
Standing relaxed 1.25
Sweeping with:
carpet sweeper 3.02
dust mop 2.65
vacuum cleaner 0.85
Swimming Table 1.81

From the above weight loss workout program table, Working out in the gym, surprisingly enough, doesn’t burn up an excessive amount of energy. Light exercise will use up some 25 calories an hour; active exercise about 200 calories; and severe exercise only around 600 calories an hour.

However, while weight loss workout exercise is not going to burn off all those extra pounds you’d like to have disappear, a few gentle exercises followed faithfully can accomplish what might seem like a miraculous reduction of inches, though your poundage will remain the same unless you follow, with equal faithfulness, the diet in this blog.

When you should stop your weight loss workout program?

Whether you are mountain-climbing or pruning the roses in your garden, you should, however, stop your exercise when you find yourself pleasantly tired. If you stop at that time, your quickened breathing and heart rate should return to normal within about ten minutes. And after an hour or two of complete rest there should be no weakness or fatigue whatsoever.

If muscular strain lingers into the next day and if your muscles ache, it’s a good indication that your weight loss workout program exercise has been too strenuous or too prolonged. In that case, you should hold off for a few days and then cut your exercising time to half and continue to cut or increase until you have established a normal pattern of activity so that there is no tired aftermath.

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Just because you have allowed yourself to become one of the fifty-five million or more people who are overweight in this country, doesn’t mean to say that you should allow yourself to join the even bigger group of Americans who are “sitters.” It seems strange that even in the hustle-bustle of contemporary life, this country has developed into a nation of sitters. Because we sit so frequently, it turns out that much of our fatigue is simply a matter of not using our energy wisely. And once the muscles of the body slacken, the excess weight we are carrying becomes more and more obvious.

Weight loss workout program muscles

Do you know that as the pounds creep up, the muscles of the waist and the abdomen stretch to make room for them. It becomes harder and harder to tighten them. It is far easier to let them expand than to hold these muscles in place.

As the waistline expands, it is easier to let the shoulders slump. That throws the stomach out still farther. Almost without noticing it, the overweight person adds years to his appearance by slipping into the habit of poor posture.

Weight loss workout program is unable to loss your weight quickly. Therefore, aside from the increase of activity which is good for you such as developing a hobby which will keep you standing for a period of time, rather than watching television, there are also some very simple exercises designed to improve posture and to tighten those stretched or relaxed muscles which have been carrying a burden of fat.

This is not to say that you should not increase your ordinary activities. For instance, if you live ten blocks from your work, you ought to walk there and home again daily as part of your daily weight loss workout program. In a month’s time you’d probably burn up the equivalent of about one pound. Hence weight loss workout exercise is not going to strip away your pounds quickly. Only diet can do that.

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