Exercise machines have been around for some time now and have become a very popular way to get a workout in the comfort of his home year around. Everyone has their own preferences for house training and there are new options being developed all the time. The treadmill is still one of the most popular machines at home-d’entraînement. In this article I will be filling in on the features and specifications of one of the most popular treadmill, the sole f80.


There is nothing more important in a machine of training than how it feels to the user. This is probably why there are so many options available. There is no machine exercise that adapts to the needs of each or flavours. The key for most people is that they must enjoy using the machine, not to be bored with its limitations and love how it feels on their body as they work with it.

In this regard, Sole f80 offers six training possibilities, which are integrated with the unit to the user and allows the user to define two more programs to their own specifications. The user can control speed, that they be walking or running, the slope of the runway, how long will be the training and how far they go in time allotted. While the training session is in progress, they can see all these details on the main screen and also see how many calories they have burned, their pulse rate and the pace of their training. The console will also provide a summary of training of users and allowing them to see what kind of progress they have made during a specific period.

Many people is put in place a chain of television monitor during their training session or to use a radio or portable music device. Sole f80 allows the user to connect their mobile music device in the system of integrated stereo speakers. There are two integrated fans, for the cooling of the user during the training session.

With a machine heavy and bulky like a carpet, convenience is also an important factor influencing the attitude of the people on any given machine. People who often limits of space do not have the option of purchasing a treadmill. Treadmill manufacturers have tried to counter this by providing units this fold to a size less than when not in use. Sole f80 is a such folding treadmills and all bridge swings compiled for a thinner profile. To use the machine, the user did need unlock the bridge of the folded position and it will automatically lower to the floor and the lock in place, ready for a workout.


The bridge has an unusual design includes oversized roller and a belt which has two layers of two strands of rubber sandwiched around a wafer of PVC, which has a backup of nylon. The theory behind this construction is that it will provide reduced impact on the user, a session for the machine and its individual parts and smoother and quieter exercise longer.

In summary, the Sole f80 seems to offer the widest range of functionality in its price range. Choose a machine for your indoor training sessions can be a daunting task, but gradually familiarizing with the options can make choices begin to clear. The most important factor is to find a machine that exercise you and will help keep you healthy.

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