The horizon is the fourth largest leading manufacturer of treadmills of quality everywhere in the world. That same year, the company launched another piece of exercise equipment which is the top rated T202 treadmill. Below is the list of features for your reference if you want to learn a little about this model.


One aspect of a treadmill performance quality to have is a great guarantee. Treadmill T202 comes with a guarantee for life on chassis and engine and the one year warranty for parts and hand work.

Ideal cushioning system:


It comes with a perfect flex deck, system which is used as a shock absorber for a safe and comfortable setting training experience.

Running surface:

T202 comes with a 20 “x 55″ surface in contrast to previous T101 treadmill that has only 20 “x 50″ surface running running. The first is quite adequate for a person with average height short. Similarly, additional support to reduce joint and knee injuries or tension.

Calm and exceptional driving performance:

Some treadmills exhibit unnecessary noise in workout especially those who have greater use of horses and maximum of the level of the slope. However, treadmill T202 offer a HP engine 2.5 robust with the quiet performance at any speed or incline levels. This will be at least prevent you from disturbing other occupants at home or around the neighbourhood. You can also listen to your favorite music, watch television or read a book, therefore, it is very practical and efficient to use.

Feather Lift folding light system:


With this feature, the treadmill is very convenient especially for folding when not in use and unfolding each time that you perform the exercise at home. In addition, it is easy for the storage and ideal for the home or an apartment with a restricted area.

Variety of integrated training programmes:

This piece of equipment comes with 12 training programs that you can customize your own training programs according to your preference. Similarly, you can adjust the speed and incline level at any time. There is also an LED display that indicates the speed, time, distance, burned, calories and pulse rate.

Other features:

T202 also contains the built-in speaker of sonic and MP3 dock that allows you to listen to your favourite music to training and, finally, a fan of cooling you keep cool all with intense exercise.

Please Note:


Before you purchase any model of conveyor belt, it is necessary to take into account your budget. Take a little research you can compare different treadmills in their price and more features. If you consider buying one, you can opt for rolling stock rug f63.

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