If you are looking for a treadmill, but have unfortunately not any more money for an expensive, why not consider Fitness T101 as your choice of exercise equipment. It is manufactured by the Horizon which is the fourth largest manufacturers of fitness equipment in the world. Similarly, the treadmill offers superior features which only costs a very reasonable price under $ 1,000. Instead, the overall performance such as speed level appear to be a problem, and as a result, it is not recommended for use in a fitness gymnasium. It is mainly ideal for light use only specifically for a person who is not a serious athlete.

horizon t101

Key features of Fitness rug T101 rolling stock:

• Has an engine with power 2.25 and a maximum speed of 10 mph. 20 “X 55″ running of the treadmill surface is sufficient for a person with average height or less.

• Exercise equipment also provides level standard slope with 10% at its peak. The bridge of the tread has flex large feature used for subsistence and the absorption of the shocks of padding. In addition, the framework is enormous and the console contains three Orange LED Windows with indicators.

• In addition, it comes with nine programs which include time, distance, calories and three sessions mainly the loss manual, interval and weight.

• Update your current state of health during the workout, the characteristics of equipment exercise heart rate monitor.

• Many customers complained doing indoor exercise with a treadmill. However with several treadmills in the market as Fitness T101, he was Sonic speakers now integrated with MP3 compatibility with headset. It also provides a cooling fan that is used to cool your body, especially during intense exercise on a treadmill.

• Finally, Fitness T101 rug rolling a light pen system designed to easily fold – up and storage of lifting. In addition, it has the capacity of maximum weight of 300 pounds just as any other top treadmills of range.


Company horizon offers a guarantee for life on chassis and engine and warranty of one year on parts and hand work. You regret most is what you have purchased with certainty.

Friendly reminders:

This piece of exercise equipment is best recommended primarily for walkers and runners. Since it comes with cheap prices you cannot expect a performance superior to the other treadmills with high prices. Finally, if you want to use it more better keep the capacity of 225 pounds maximum weight.

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