Weight loss exercises, most people who want to reduce have two reasons for so doing: they want to look better and they want to feel better.

This weight loss workouts can be a big lift toward both of these goals— though you should be warned immediately that the most strenuous physical activity cannot work off enough pounds to count.


For instance, if you now weigh 160 pounds, you would have to swim steadily for eight hours to lose only one pound of fat. So you see that not only do you not have the time for this kind of reducing program, but you do not have the stamina to keep up such a program of weight loss. Furthermore, it would be a completely unfeasible way to lose weight.

However, just as important as the amount of fuel taken in by the body daily is how much it burns. Over a period of time, relatively small amounts of activity can greatly increase the body’s burning of fuel. With a few slight changes in your routine activity you can accomplish almost as much as by limiting your food intake.

What is the simplest weight loss exercises? On the average, a 30 minute walk would burn up the equivalent of 150 calories. At this rate, it would take you twenty-three days to lose a pound—sixteen pounds in a year. Of course, the walk would naturally increase your appetite and you might eat a little bit more. Still, it is not unreasonable to say that a half-hour’s daily walk could slice off five to ten pounds in a year.


Why is walking so much more effective than strenuous weight loss exercises? The answer is that the more work the human body does, the more energy it burns. In walking, the action is one which moves your entire body weight. You move the same amount of weight with exercise like a ”push-up.” But you use small muscles, muscles which are unsuited to the job, and you get tired before you do too many push-ups. Therefore, it is far more advisable to use the big leg muscles, muscles which are specifically designed to move larger weights longer distances.

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