Here are a few Proven Weight Loss Workouts which will help you tighten up your muscles while this diet is melting away the pounds of fat.

If every one of you had to carry around your excess weight in a bag chained to your arm, like a bank messenger, you would very quickly find a way to get rid of this weight. Yet that inconvenience is a trifle compared to the harm that the unneeded fat you are now carrying on your body can do. In effect, by being overweight you are gambling with your life. Overweight is, in reality, the nation’s Number One health hazard. And while medical discoveries in the past half-century or more have worked wonders in providing better health and longer life for all members of the family group, it is increasingly apparent that Americans are either unwilling or unable to do anything to combat this major health hazard.

Weight loss workout

Best weight loss workouts for better posture is as follows:

  • Best Weight Loss Workouts Step # 1. Stand quite erect with your head up, your chin and rear tucked well in, your feet together and your shoulders, arms and hands relaxed.
  • Best Weight Loss Workouts Step # 2. Swing  the  arms  crosswise   (like  a  man  trying  to keep warm in cold weather) with the hands heavy and relaxed, the head still held up with chin tucked in. Inhale deeply as you do.
  • Best Weight Loss Workouts Step # 3. Rise on your toes, swinging your arms as high as you can, throwing your head back, and holding your breath, count up to ten.
  • Best Weight Loss Workouts Step #4. Exhale, return to the first position. Repeat this exercise ten times.

Proven Weight Loss Workouts that will help your posture:

  • Proven Weight Loss Workouts Step # 1. Stand erect with your feet apart, your head held well up and your chin in, your shoulders relaxed. Tuck in your rear as well as you can. Inhale deeply.
  • Proven Weight Loss Workouts Step # 2. Twist the upper body as far right as possible, swinging your right arm across. Follow your finger tips with your eyes.
  • Proven Weight Loss Workouts Step # 3. Swing your right arm high up and far to the back. Keep your elbow unbent. Twist the waist as you do so. Exhale.
  • Proven Weight Loss Workouts Step # 4. Without returning to position one, start the reverse with position two. Repeat ten times.

Best weight loss workouts exercise to tighten up the abdominal muscles:

  • Best Weight Loss Workouts Step # 1. Lie on your back on a hard surface with your arms relaxed by your side.
  • Best Weight Loss Workouts Step # 2. Raise your legs, keeping your knees straight. If possible, get the legs straight up at a right angle to the body.
  • Best Weight Loss Workouts Step # 3. Lower your legs very, very slowly. As you do this you will feel all the muscles of your abdomen tighten. Rest a minute. Repeat ten times.

This last proven weight loss workouts exercises is not an easy exercise to do at first, though it seems to be quite simple when you start it.

Weight loss workout

Another good exercise for tightening the muscles of the abdomen:

  • Proven Weight Loss Workouts Step # 1. Lie on your back on a hard surface with your hands behind your head.
  • Proven Weight Loss Workouts Step # 2. Bend your right knee up to meet the left elbow; kick your toe up. Hold this position for a slow count of five.
  • Proven Weight Loss Workouts Step # 3. Return to the first position. Reverse, sending the left knee up to meet the right elbow.

Remember that modern man no longer lives in a hunting-and-fishing-for-a-livelihood culture as did his ancestors of thousands of years ago. Therefore, he is not conditioned to vigorous exercise beyond the days of his youth. Vigorous exercise for most people is not healthful, nor is it desirable, because it may put persistent demands upon the heart and on the circulatory system beyond their normal capacity. You must avoid the damage that can result.

Don’t allow the desire to create a “body beautiful” to destroy you before your allotted years. A healthy and attractive body is a worth-while goal, but a man of forty-five who wants to look like a college athlete is foolish indeed to train as seriously and as hard as the youth who is twenty-five years his junior and whom he is trying to emulate. There are exceptional people, of course, who have gone into their later years with the muscular bodies of youth. The difficulty is that most of us are less fortunately endowed. We would be placing a strain on the body far beyond its capacity if we were to follow their example.

Best and Proven Weight Loss Workouts will give the best results if you keep on exercising, gently, regularly and happily. Steady, daily Proven Weight Loss Workouts exercise will tone up your muscles, improve your circulation, and stimulate you into following your diets that work program.

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