The high protein diet plan helps the body burn up excessive stored fat without adding new fat, even if you cheat.

Without conscious effort, a person who is healthy holds his head high and his chest out. His shoulders and abdomen are flat, his feet have well defined arches, and his step is rhythmical.

high protein diet plan

Protein is the primary part, then, of all organs and tissues in all animals and plants. It is the only truly living portion of any tissue. Actually, protein is an extremely complex matter. In fact, it is so complex that by contrast starches, sugars and fats are infinitely simple in their structure. And while starches, sugars and fats serve the function of nourishing tissue or acting as reserve material in the body, if the body has an insufficient or inadequate amount of protein, there is an almost immediate breakdown of the body’s natural functions and restorative powers that eventually make for ill health of many natures.

The Kotkin protein diet plans

Protein diet plans recommended, therefore, is one which has proved successful where calorie-counting diets have failed.

high protein diet plan

Protein diet plan is based on the principles of Dr. Leonid Kotkin and is expounded in his book, Eat, Think and Be Slender, first published in 1954.

The Kotkin Protein Diet Plans can be called an “exclusively high-protein, low-carbohydrate and no-fat” diet. It permits great quantities of foods high in nutritive content, and generally forbids foods which are low in these qualities. Practically all the foods which are rich in vitamins, amino acids and minerals are allowed. And foods which are rich in easily available calories are forbidden.

The theory is that people who are overweight have a great number of calories stored in the excess fat in their bodies and they cannot get rid of this extra weight unless these calories are used up.

Protein diet plans principle behind of it

The principle protein diet plans, then, is to utilize for daily energy needs the calories which are already stored in the body.

high protein foods

One of the best aspects of the protein diet plans are, there is no “starvation” necessary. The quantities of foods permitted on the diet are unlimited. In other words, you can eat as much as you want of all the foods permitted. There are never any quantity restrictions.

A problem that often is propounded by dieters is: “How will I get enough calories so that I will have sufficient energy?”

High protein diet plans provide the simple answer. The energy calories you need as you continue on your weight-reduction diet are supplied by your own body. Your body, filled with excess and unnecessary fatty tissue, contains countless calories which were taken from food indulged in  the past and stored, in Nature’s economical fashion, as fat.

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