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Protein diet – What about the will to fail at a diet regime? This is a reason which many doctors have now realized is the greatest temptation to the diet cheat in diets that work plan. It is created in the same unhealthy pattern which, in the first place, led the overweight person to become too heavy. In other words, medicine has come to realize recently that there are emotional causes that create a desire to eat.

The idea that overweight was caused by some organic or metabolic malfunction of the body has been completely disproved. There is no truth to the theory that glands cause over weight. The only thing that glands do in connection with overweight is to distribute the excess fat to various parts of the body, depending upon which gland is involved and how it may be malfunctioning.

If there is a desire to place the blame for overeating on a gland, the only gland that should be blamed is the salivary gland. In other words, to reiterate, people are overweight because they overeat.

Protein diet plan – An excuse frequently given by overweight people

So, recognizing the fact that emotional causes set up a desire to eat in the first place, you must now recognize that these same emotional disturbances will encourage the will to fail at a diet. This failure drive will lead the dieter to unconscious diet cheating, which after a short time will show markedly on the bathroom scale and force the discouraged dieter to give up in disgust such as:

  • “I just can’t manage to diet,” is an excuse frequently given by overweight people.
  • “I stick to my diet as closely as possible during the three meals a day but it’s between meals that the trouble begins.”
  • “I frequently get hungry in mid-afternoon or in the evening. Before I know what I’m doing, I’ve had a snack.” Well, at last, you have a “magic” answer. You can go ahead and have a snack.


If you’re hungry between meals, eat. However, eat foods that are on the basic high protein diet. Beside of protein diet plans, it is high recommend for you to limit yourself to fresh vegetables, to lean meats, to poultry, to fish, or to pot cheese. And just as you have already discovered that the limitations of the high-protein diet make for an appetizing and multi variety menu for your basic three meals, so you will be surprised at the tasty, and filling, snacks that can be whipped up for your between meal hungers.

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