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Crash diets that work

Crash diets that work is very much sought after. The overweight person who seriously desires to shed excess pounds will find that fad diets designed to take off weight fast and furiously seldom accomplish the goal of keeping the desired weight over the long pull. Too many diets today are based on extreme theories, too many diets promise miracles overnight. Some advocate easy methods, but don’t work; others are so rigid they won’t be followed.

Is there miracle crash diets that work?

There are no “miracle” crash diets that work. And while modern science is always moving rapidly and has a way of outdated knowledge quickly, nonetheless the basic concepts of good nutrition seem to be well established; and a diet that is conceived on these basic concepts is the surest way of achieving a more healthy existence.

There is nothing good that can be said for overweight. It is a barrier between you and health – between you and beauty. It is an enemy to efficiency and fun. It is a threat to long life.

Statistics show that the death rate of those who are chronically, but only moderately, fat is one and one-half times higher than that of those who keep themselves trim and sum. The death rate of the markedly obese zooms to one and three-fourths times that of people of normal weight. Therefore, staying slender is much more than a matter of good looks and fun. It is a duty that you owe to yourself.

Dieting and crash diets that work.

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In regards with crash diets that work, most people think of dieting to lose weight as a dreary enterprise, they think of it as something tiresome, something expensive, and something that will be a complete bore, not only to themselves but to their families and to their friends. Well, it need not be this. Dieting to grow slim need not be punishment, despite the “curse of the calorie,” which Americans have had pounded into their fat filled bodies for the last two or three decades.

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