“During the early days of the diet, I actually cheated quite often and best of all, I didn’t feel guilty about it. I lost twenty-eight pounds in less than two months!”

“Since I understand why I was putting on weight, I’ve had no trouble keeping the scale under control, snacks or no snacks.”


These were the comments of three skeptics who turned into three svelte disciples of the high-protein diet.

So, as a snack-sneaker, you needn’t lose heart because you have failed before at dieting. The simple truth is that with the high-protein diet, you have the key to success: you can sneak those snacks and still stay slim.

Why does a dieter cheat? Usually for one of two reasons: either he feels that the diet he is on is starving him, or he unconsciously has a will to fail at a diet regime. The first reason is one which stems from poorly conceived diets.

There are diets which starve a person. These appear in the public press almost every day. Many are created by people who are not in the least qualified to act as nutritionists or to prescribe as physicians. Yet they willfully set about creating some faddist diet and easily encourage thousands to try it.
The results can be disastrous. Fortunately, practically everybody who tries such a diet gives in when he finds that he lacks sufficient energy to do even simple daily tasks.

Other diets, which are designed by actual nutritional experts, fail to take into consideration the “personal factor.” Everybody has different needs. These needs are dependent upon a person’s individual physical and organic makeup. They are also tempered by what work the person does, by what hours he keeps, by a host of other personal factors. Therefore, a diet has to have basic design and must be flexible enough to fit everyone’s own individual needs.

The high protein diet plan giving you a wide variety of foods with only the restriction that they be high protein foods fills this bill ideally.

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