Exercise is important to weight loss but some people have no extra time from their busy schedule. They want to lose weight by simple things but exercise help you to burn calories fast. Many ideas are for the weight loss without any workout. Well in this world there is many solution of a problem. Main thing is to follow that solution to achieve goal. This article is about how to lose weight without exercise.

Tips Or Instruction To  Lose Weight Without Exercise:

  • Water is important for our body then other things. It plays a vital role for them who want to lose weight without exercise. It keeps your body fit and healthy. It is natural way to lose weight. You can also take green tea or herbal tea. It increases your metabolism rate. You can take green tea after every meal.
  • Stop eating fast food or junk food. It takes time to digest. Fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains can easily digest. So try to eat these foods rather then junk food.
  • Count calories that you eat. Make schedule that you will eat per day. Don’t eat more because when you eat more weight will be gain. If you want to lose weight without exercise then it is compulsory to count calories.
  • We see many times people take large bite when they eating. It is not good for their health because when you take large bites it is hardly digest. So take small bites when you take meal.
  • Don’t skip breakfast because it is the first meal of the day. You need energy to fulfill you work. So try to take healthy breakfast.
  • Don’t eat large at one time. Take meal when you feel hunger. Try to take water before every meal. You will feel full stomach.
  • Take coffin. It also burns calories and you can weight loss by taking it.
  • Some people eat late night. It is not a good habit so change your habit because when you sleep your body does not burn calories. Set time and eat at that time.
  • Take fresh juices because it contains energy and fewer calories. So if you want to lose weight with out exercise then follow it.
  • People who eat in front of TV or when they do work. So stop doing so because your mind is not engaged what you eat. So switch your work or TV and eat your meal.

People who want to know how to lose weight without exercise must follow these instructions. Take at least 8 glass of water daily. Before meal chew gum or drink some water. Don’t eat too much at one time because when you do this your belly is like a football. Never go to school or office with out empty stomach. Hope you will get enough information by reading how to lose weight with out exercise. Follow these instructions and if you know any more then share it with us.

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