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These diets have been widely used in these days to lose weight. Low carbs high protein diet is the best or easy way to lose weight than starvation. Starvation deprives the body to more nutrients. This method slows the metabolism that cause to more weight gain. Low carbs foods maintain normal metabolism rate. Low carbs diets also stable the blood sugar level. Eating plenty of high- protein can help you to boost your metabolism fast. So carb diet plan can help you achieve your goal but it have many side effects. You can face diarrhea problem that leads you to less energy in to your body. Some body builder claims that these low carb diets have great result because in this way then can takes plenty of protein.


Low- carbohydrates food is a good weight loss diet that work fast. There are many benefits of high protein low carb diets. 1st it increases your metabolism and helps you to lose fat with out decreasing energy level into your body. When you use high protein and low carb diets, it increase metabolic rate and burn its own fat for fuel. This fuel is the main source for brain and heart activity.


Chicken and broccoli
Chicken Breast Low carb diets

Chicken Breast is an excellent food that is high in protein and low in carbs. It also contain low in calories and fat. It is excellent for the building of muscles.

Almonds are the best low carbohydrate diets that contain protein. Take it with any snacks. You can take nuts for lose weight and get energy.

Fish is the great source of protein and contain low calories. People who don’t like fish can use its oil to take benefit.

Grapefruit is also best crash diets that help you to lose weight fast and easy way. This diet cannot only give you energy also help you to achieve your goal.

Fats and oil like butter and olive oil. It also helps you to lose weight.

Yogurt is best food with protein. It increases your metabolism rate and helps you to burn calories fast. In morning take yogurt with empty stomach.

Black beans are the great source of getting protein and low in carbs. You can make it spicy or also use in salad that is low in calories.

Low carbs high protein diet is useful to get your goal but there is many draw backs of these diets. Don’t eat more than 35 grams per day of low carbs. Whenever you take carbohydrates try to count them. You can also face the problems if you take high carb diet. There are chances to failure of kidney and high cholesterol. Well with these diets take plenty of water every day to maintain your metabolism. Don’t skip any day with out exercise. This is the best way to burn calories as fast as you want because whatever you eat can be burn by this way.

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