Metabolism is a process in which we encompass everything that our body does to keep us alive. It helps the proper function of organs and digestion food. Well there are different factors that are responsible to your metabolic rate.  Age and gender can be the factors of metabolism rate. After 40 metabolisms rate is slow.  Well people who diets can have slow metabolism rate and it is not god for health. Fast metabolism diet can help you to solve this problem. The rate of metabolism can be finding by the calories that you take and burn. Some people burn calories slower then others. They need to take diet that helps them to high metabolism. The food that you take per day can affect on your metabolism. It can slow or fast your metabolism.


  • Drink green tea or caffeine because it increases your metabolism. It also burns fat form belly or waist. Take tea in morning and after every meal.
  • Take vitamin D in to your diet. People who have less vitamin D in their body have more weight then others.
  • Take proteins and carbohydrate to boost your metabolism.


Water: Water is a natural way that helps you to increase your body’s metabolism fast. You can lose more weight by taking 10 to 12 glasses per day.

High fiber Food: These foods like fruits, vegetables, beans and whole grains help you to prevent fat gains. There are many fast metabolism supplements but are not good for your health because they contain animal thyroid that have side effects. So never take supplement with out consulting from your doctor. Take a diet with fruit, proteins, and whole grains to fast metabolism rate.

cabbage and tomatoes

Green Vegetables: Vegetables are good for health and lose more weight. Eat fresh vegetables to fast metabolism rate and burn calories.

Hot Peppers: Hot peppers can increase the rate of your metabolism and also burn calories. So take spicy food to burn calories.

Eggs: Eggs contain high protein that helps you to improve the rate of metabolism.

Fish: Fish is a great source of protein that easy to digest. It has also low in calories. If you don’t like to eat fish you can take fish oil supplement to boost your metabolism.

Ginger: Eat ginger after every meal. This is best to fast your metabolism. Add it in to your foods to make them spicy.

This fast metabolism diet helps you to burn calories and boost your metabolism. But with these diets follow instruction of your doctor. Don’t skip breakfast because in morning rate of metabolism is fast. Eat 300 to 400 calories in every meal. Drink plenty of water. Don’t take sugary food because it hardly to digest and have more calories. Avoid taking soda drinks and sweet drinks. Exercise is also best to fast metabolism. So try to do exercise like walking, swimming and some aerobic steps.

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