Fitbit Wireless Personal Trainer

Fitbit Wireless Personal Trainer is simply remarkable wireless pedometer. It is specially designed to calculate on how much you walk, what number of calories you burn, file your exercise level and also measure your travel distance. This Fitbit wireless personal trainer does exactly what it promises very well, with me. The device and fitbit website are really well-designed, easy and fun to use.

Eight hours of rest is the suitable amount of rest for your body. The 8 hours  sleep is awesome for you to rejuvenate your mind and body. Fitbit technology & innovation can track your sleep activity. You just simply put your fitbit trainer inside the incorporated wristband and you’ll start to discover on how long you sleep, and how efficient your sleep.

Fitbit Wireless Personal Trainer: The basic concept

  • The Fitbit size is 2-inches long and ½ inches wide.
  • It appears a bit like a money clip.
  • Fitbit personal fitness tracker in black-colored with a popular yet gender neutral aqua blue interior.

Fitbit Wireless Personal Trainer: Is it Worth the Money?


We privately love Fitbit Wireless Personal Trainer. It has a ton of capabilities, easy to use and helps makes our fitness goal become much easier to achieve. For us it is definitely worth the money because it has 3D motion sensors similar to those used in the Wii.

By having these sensors, it’s has the ability to monitor our steps, miles walked, calories burned, and sleep patterns. These info is immediately transmitted from your FitBit device right from the base station and onto the user’s website whenever your FitBit is within 15 feet of the base station. Each Fitbit features a unique number so any FitBit can use any base station for transmission. It provides the users an idea of the daily amount of calorie consumption and also level of activity applied during the day.

Why the Fitbit Wireless Personal Trainer so Special?

Fitbit website can make it very easy to work with. For example, when you type food into it (whether through the grocery store or perhaps a chain restaurant), it’ll then advise you a bunch of near matches from its (extensive) database. You can click one of these near matches, and it will fill in all of the nutritional data. I pressure myself being sincere and complete this Fitbit website, regardless if I break down and overeat on poor unhealthy food. By keep track on the record makes me aware of exactly what and how much I take in, and keeps me honest. And I’m likely to stop buy a desert after dinner if my personal log shows that I’ve already consume a several deserts during that week.

You may also wear your personal fitbit tracker while you sleep (you can slip it in the wristband which comes in the fitbit package). In the morning, synchronize the data in the device towards the fitbit website, and it will keep a record of when you went to bed, the length of time you fall asleep, the frequency of which you awoke during the night, and also what time you awakened. It notifies you your “sleep effectiveness”. We found that this sleep information is very interesting and valuable enough to wear our fitbit to bed every night: (virtually no hard work on our portion) – fitbit looks after a record in the long run of the amount of sleep we’re getting and the quality of that sleep.

Here are just a number of the things you might have with each and every purchase of Fitbit Wireless Personal Trainer and please bear in mind that we are yet listed every of them over here:

  • The Fitbit Wireless Personal Trainer clip on device
  • Base Station/charger with cord wire that connects to a USB por
  • Arm band for sleep tracking
  • An extra clip for use along with thick belts.
  • A website address to go so that you can download free tracking software required in order for the Base Station transmission to occur. This can be a necessary key step to use this device. It doesn’t require much time and it’s easy to do.
  • Fitbit Wireless Personal Trainer Charging & Life cycle of battery: The FitBit will remain charged for about 10 days. Charging is done from the base station. I usually put it on there while i shower. It life is seen from the website. It takes about 1 hour 30 minutes to fully charge the battery if it’s fully worn-out.
  • Fitbit Wireless Personal Trainer Data Storage: The data that this Fitbit collects is stored in the product for ten days. The exhibit data themselves renews at midnight in the users time zone (that is set by the user on-line). The reset does not remove any data not transmitted. It is really simple to use and friendly device.
  • Fitbit Wireless Personal Trainer Display: The fun stuff is all on the website. If you’re away from the base station, for any function or vacation, simply press the button on the FitBit and a pretty blue display will demonstrate on how much your calories burned, steps taken as well as miles walked. There is also the picture of a growing flower. The longer the stem, the more energetic you’re on that day. That’s a cutesy characteristic for a quick activity level check.
  • Fitbit Wireless Personal Trainer Chart, data and tracking: On the Fitbit website, there is a space for you to enter gender, goals, height, weight, and stride length. Stride duration is easily measured using the water test. Make a puddle of water on cement. Step in a bare foot and walk forward. Measure the tip of the right big toe to the tip of the left on the footprints. Do this for a few sets and average out the number of inches. Repeat the test with running. This helps the FitBit to better count number of steps taken and miles walk.

Fitbit Wireless Personal Trainer Review: Our Final Opinion


As you can probably tell, we really like the Fitbit Wireless Personal Trainer. The Fitbit Wireless Personal Trainer makes our life a lot easier. We don’t have to spend time figuring out how miles did we walked, how much is our calories burned off, and is our sleep efficient.

The price factor is one to consider but in terms of value for money this is a no-brainer. In my opinion this fitness trainer over delivers in a big way and you can’t help but get good value from it in the long term.

Grab your Fitbit Wireless Personal Trainer now. A calorie tracker, pedometer, sleep tracker all in one. Pretty up there on the technology level yet affordable. I highly recommend you buy them from Amazon here. Can’t find them cheaper anywhere else.

Fitbit Wireless Personal Trainer is really a cute little thing without a cumbersome chest strap or arm band or anything else accentuating anything I don’t want people looking at to begin with.

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