Fitbit vs. Striiv

Argh…are you looking for Fitbit vs Striiv? Don’t know that to go? Same goes to me…

Anyway, do you know how much can a personal trainer cost for an hour? Would you hire one in order to get your desired body shape?

Or would you rather they came into your home using your own equipment, otherwise would you rather meet them at the gym?

I am not sure how much yours would likely cost per hour, it undoubtedly varies by how “known”, where you’re situated and also how experienced they are. What I do know is which everybody I’ve talked to says that their own personal trainers only parrot the same fitness advice they’ve already read and diet advice they’ve been taught in school.

A really good trainer is good at stimulating the client and inspiring them to make the decision to be effective hard and get in shape. Because in the end, it’s really up to that person undertaking the workout routines. Not to mention, the truly amazing food we consume during the holidays (and year round) makes keeping the weight off seem impossible. It’s really hard to find one which didn’t just enter it for the money though to tell the truth, because it’s a booming business. To find a good one you’ll have to find one that’s highly recommended coming from many clients and possesses good reviews. Hence go and do your homework before get one. The good personal trainer are usually the expensive one.

Since it was costly, I changed from hiring a personal trainer to Striiv as my new personal trainer. I have had the Striiv for a week now and that i love it.

But i understood from my friends, that they’re still confused…either to gor for Fitbit vs Striiv. Hopefully by writing up this short Fitbit vs Striiv article, it will help you to choose Fitbit vs Striiv as your personal trainer tools.

Fitbit vs Striiv: Striiv Gets You to Walking…A Lot!

The average Striiv user is walking 3 miles in a morning for 60 minutes. Striiv is a personal trainer in your pocket that is designed to keep you walking by using the power of games, challenges and walkathon.

Striiv’s secret to enthusiasm is simple. The Striiv developer construct a highly addictive apps that require you to walk in order to help you make progress. The walkathon requires your steps along with applies them to helping others. At no cost from you, Striiv and corporate companions donate on your behalf. You just simply walking, earning, as well as plug into your Mac or pc to donate.

Fitbit or Striiv?

Overall Striiv Rating (based on customer reviews): 4.4 out of 5 stars


This Striiv is quite differs with Fitbit Wireless Personal Trainer. Fitbit is one of pedometer that is designed to tracks daily steps, distance, calories burned, stairs climbed, and measures on how long and how well you sleep. Striiv vs fitbit ultra – by having a Fitbit, you can compete with your friends, see your online graphs, earn new badges and log food, weight and other workouts at No to mention that there is no monthly fee involved.

Striiv was designed to get simple and easy to use. The massive 2 inch high-resolution touch screen obviously displays stairs, steps, calories and distance. It comes with everything you need: Striiv, key chain attachment, USB wire, adaptor, and a quickstart guide.

The specs of ‘Striiv: Personal Trainer in Your Pocket’ are:

  • Manufacturer: Striiv
  • Product Dimensions: 4.3×4.3×2.8 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 0.4 pounds

Here are some REAL Striiv customer reviews:

“Wife loves this”

At first, my wife was confused either to go for Fitbit vs Striiv. After that, I gave Striiv to my wife on Christmas Eve and she LOVES IT! She had been using a Polar Training Watch and had been doing heavy elliptical work (6-7 hours per week), but had gotten off her training program and was dreading starting again.Bought her…Read more

“I love it!”

I bought one in November 2011 and loved it. I was walking over 10,000 steps a day. I was driving my husband and son crazy walking back an forth threw the house and around circles around the kitchen island….Read more

“overall good product”

I gave this to my wife for Christmas and she has been enjoying it, but today (10 uses) half way through her morning walk it locked up and stopped counting steps. I tried going through all the setting to no avail. I shook it gently for a minute and it…Read more


At this point, hopefully there is no more question of Fitbit vs Striiv?

Do not hesitate to acquire this Striiv and give the surprise of health and fitness to yourself or someone you love right now.

Fitbit vs Striiv News Around the World:

Fitbit Pedometer

Fitbit An always-on electronic pedometer that in addition to counting steps also displays distance traveled altitude climbed via a number.

Striiv: Using The Addictive Power Of Gaming To Make You Exercise More

Using The Addictive Power Of Gaming To Make You Exercise More. That’s the premise of a new gadget called Striiv. This is an amazing time to be a health-data nerd. Thanks to the proliferation of low-cost sensors devices like the FitBit Nike FuelBand and Basis a heartbeat sensor in a watch allow users to track calories, number of walking steps and etc.

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