FAD diets that work fast

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What is a fad diet? FAD diet is very subjective topic and there’s no clear meaning of it. It would appear that these people are being discouraged from hearing a single or from other stories, all of which are false. Perhaps it is time right now to correct any kind of misconceptions about FAD diets that work fast that may have arisen. Here are 2 FAD diets that work fast list:

FAD diets that work fast #1: Grapefruit and black coffee diet.

grapefruit and coffee diet

The basic plan for this strange diet calls for nothing but grapefruit and black coffee at breakfast and lunch. With this FAD diets that work fast, the dieter is allowed one helping of lean steak, a baked potato without butter and more grapefruit and coffee during dinner time.

Those are certainly healthful foods, but taken alone they are going to make you ill long before they make you slim. You will find yourself very susceptible to any cold or influenza germs or any virus which is floating around. This diet is particularly defeating for older people, whose skin is less elastic, and they quickly get a wrinkled look.

FAD diets that work fast #2: High fat diet.

figh fat diet

Then another FAD diets that work fast is High Fat Diet. By eating highly fatty food in great quantities is one which some medical authorities have come to think of as the weirdest of all diets. It actually is not as new as some would have you think.

It was first developed about a dozen years ago and has been discounted several times in the interim. But one of best selling book has placed this diet onto the news pages once again with some disastrous results. The American Medical Association, for instance, feels that it “is a grave injustice to the intelligent public and can only result in considerable damage to the prestige of the medical profession.” And a world-famed nutritionist said of the diet’s profounder that his training “does not necessarily imply any competence in nutrition and biochemistry.”

FAD diets that work fast – High fat diet reduce weight?

It has been discovered that a high-fat diet may reduce weight temporarily through dehydration of body tissue but it cannot work permanently because of basic medical law which states that a person gains weight if he eats more calories than he burns up. And on a high-fat diet, the caloric intake is so high it is virtually impossible to burn away.

Part of this theory has become involved with polyunsaturated fats, which everyone has become conscious of because of the part they play in heart disease. But fats are fats, and excess fats are going to be stored as fat in the body no matter what kind they are or what their source is.

eat me vegetables

In addition, nutritionists point out that this high-fat diet will in the long run be harmful, since it is less likely to provide sufficient vitamins (especially A and C) and minerals (especially calcium). This FAD diets that work fast will activate gall bladder troubles and other troubles as yet unknown. And persons with diabetes or kidney and liver disease might be harmed with this FAD diets that work fast.

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