FAD diets that work

It was Ben Jonson who once said, “Better be dumb than superstitious.” But, despite the poet’s admonition, despite the high level of education in our world today, superstition runs rampant.


Let me illustrate what is FAD diets that work in the simplest way, Try answer me 2 below questions:

  1. Are you superstitious?
  2. Do you believe that if you break a mirror you’ll have seven years’ bad luck? Or that if you walk under a ladder, ill fortune will befall you?

Did you get answer for the above FAD diets that work simple question? Don’t worry if you are still blurred with it.

Simple FAD diets that work Explained

These two superstitions FAD diets that work may be beneath you, but maybe you find that you “touch wood” every time you want to assure yourself of preserving good fortune. Actually, commonplace items and occurrences are involved in hundreds of common superstitions, and there is hardly a person alive who doesn’t, in some way, hold some superstitious FAD diets that work belief.

Unfortunately, probably the widest held group of superstitious beliefs is in the field of food faddery. Whether he is savage or civilized, man eats for a number of reasons. Among these are the appeasement of his hunger, the satisfaction of his appetite, force of habit, sense of duty, a means of promoting social intercourse, an alternative to the more direct but unobtainable or socially unacceptable satisfaction of other urges, and as a device for winning recognition by his fellows.

Man may refuse to eat certain foods, or to eat at all, because to do so would be to conflict with one or more of his cherished beliefs or ambitions, or as a gesture of defiance to society or toward other people with whom he is in emotional conflict.

Due to man’s intellectual superiority over the lower animals, his greater powers of imagination, reasoning, and means of exchange of ideas and experiences with his fellows, he has succeeded in unduly complicating his own feeding and nutrition problems—while doing much to improve the nutritional welfare of the animals which he has domesticated! It seems that man has been able to think of more reasons why he should not eat foods of good nutritional value than would be possible for an animal of feebler intellect, or for one with more knowledge and better judgment.

FAD diets that work – If you were to collect the list of beliefs concerning food and diet that appeared in newspapers and magazines in the past two or three years alone, you would have a list so long that it would virtually fill this entire book. And yet, when you read some of these beliefs and taboos about food, you are going to see how highly irrational they are and how implausible it is that they could have developed.

21 FAD diets that work

FAD diets

  • For example, here are some popular beliefs about foods and nutrition FAD diets that work which are generally recognized to be false:
  • FAD diets that work 1: Diets high in red meats cause high blood pressure and kidney disease.
  • FAD diets that work 2:Red meat in a diet makes one vicious.
  • FAD diets that work 3: A mother should not eat meat after giving birth.
  • FAD diets that work 4: Meat and dairy products should not be eaten together or at the same meal.
  • FAD diets that work 5: The combination of ice cream or milk with shellfish is poisonous or indigestible.
  • FAD diets that work 5: Pickles and ice cream are an indigestible combination.
  • FAD diets that work 6: Fish is “brain food.”
  • FAD diets that work 7: Butter is rich in protein, and is more nutritious than margarine.
  • FAD diets that work 8: The top of the milk is best for children.
  • FAD diets that work 9: Sour cream is less fattening than sweet cream.
  • FAD diets that work 10: Apple sauce should be served with greasy foods be¬cause it absorbs the grease and promotes elimination of excess grease.
  • FAD diets that work 11: No breakfast is complete without cooked or prepared cereal.
  • FAD diets that work 12: Black coffee is “stronger’’ than coffee served with milk or cream.
  • FAD diets that work 13: One should not eat before going to bed.
  • FAD diets that work 14: Three meals a day are essential for good health.
  • FAD diets that work 15: Brown eggs are more nutritious than white eggs, or vice versa.
  • FAD diets that work 16: An apple a day keeps the doctor away.
  • FAD diets that work 17: Beets make the blood rich.
  • FAD diets that work 18: Lemon makes the blood thin.
  • FAD diets that work 19: Tomatoes and citrus fruits make the blood acid.
  • FAD diets that work 20: Sugar in the diet will cause diabetes.
  • FAD diets that work 21: A fat man is a happy man.

This is just a short list FAD diets that work. For the most part, it doesn’t deal with the fads and fallacies with which we are more directly concerned at the moment—those revolving about dieting.


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