FAD diet.

FAD diet – The superstitious beliefs surrounding the problem of overweight have become a serious block to countless thousands who would otherwise be able to lose weight successfully. It seems that these people become discouraged at hearing one or other of the stories—all of which are, in the main, false—which concern the merits of obesity, the perils of dieting, and the vast body of misinformation about fattiness.

FAD diet

Let us look at some of these FAD diet and see if we can’t dispel them quickly. You may be guilty of believing any one or more of them. That would not be surprising nor would it put you in a class by yourself. If you do honestly believe in any of the superstitions that are listed above, or below, you have much company. However, you need not be proud of the fact that you are not alone. Every one of these superstitious beliefs has been incontrovertibly disproved, thanks to science.

It’s healthy to be fat?

This FAD diet very opposite is true: it is unhealthy to be fat.

The Metropolitan Life Insurance Company has compiled statistics over the years which show definitely that overweight persons have a far greater death rate than do persons whose weight is normal or even below normal. Statistics show that among those who are overweight there is a greater amount of high blood pressure, hardening of the arteries, gall bladder diseases and diabetes.

Overweight persons are also poorer risks on the operating table and they tend, as well, to recover with greater difficulty from, or to succumb with more ease to, serious illnesses.

Salt-free, rice diet.

FAD diet

A doctor may prescribe this as a weight-reducing plan for a particular reason. But anyone else who goes on this diet without the specific prescription of a doctor is clearly out of his mind.

Nothing but grave trouble can result from it unless it is taken under doctor’s orders under a doctor’s strict supervision. It is an extreme measure used by doctors to fight certain serious troubles. It is usually administered under clinical conditions – that is, in a hospital so that it can be completely controlled. Leave this one FAD diet strictly alone!

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