People decide that training cardio for different reasons. Some want to lose weight, some want to strengthen some muscles and joints while others may only want to improve their cardiovascular functions. But in all cases, you would just go to the gym room and begin to get on all the equipment you think is your goal. The key is to have a training cardio plan, and the framework of this plan is choosing the right equipment.

Much new cardio machines were released in the market, but you can start by getting to know that the more following three used equipment in a typical training cardio plan:

cardio equipment


The treadmill is obviously a preferred choice among those who want to sweat it low-impact. You just get on it, press the right buttons and start moving your legs. Treadmill today most come with a television screen, but you must use a headset to be able to hear audio. A treadmill is good for any plan cardio workout because it is exercise your heart, improve circulation and good energy of the pump. Which is great, it is that you can set the intensity that you want by increasing or decreasing pressure, virtual distance travelled and time. It is good, if you intend to lose some weight but cannot imagine yourself going further than your gym room.


Also known as a cross-trainer, an elliptical is another stationary machine that simulates various physical activities such as climbing, the functioning and walking, increasing protection for your joints against pressure and injuries. It’s perfect if you want a challenge more that a treadmill provides to tone your legs, thighs and buttocks. Controls are available for customization of the speed and intensity based on your needs.

Stationary bike

As its name indicates, a stationary bike is one that stays in place while you continually pedal for a good cardio workout. Controls speed and pressure are available, but compared to the treadmill and elliptical, you can find this more favourable machine if you have back, hip and knee problems. There is not much to zero the risk of injury that you can simply relax on the seat while working on your leg muscles depending on the level that you set. Because you can get very comfortable and even bored on a stationary bike, you’ll want to put before the TV, so you can just watch your favorite programs, or in a place where there is good lighting so you can enjoy a good book or magazine while pedalling.

cardio equipment

There are many other types of material that could be perfect for your training plan cardio as rowers, stair climbers, motion, the arc trainer trainers, etc. But because it is easy to miss when you stick to one of them, it may be good to try each cardio equipment in your gym room and decide which is best. Don’t forget that boredom is the main reason people stay long on their cardio workouts, so make it a point to find a way to excite yourself from time to time.

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