Effective diets

This effective diets blog post is specially for you. Effective diets written primarily for the overweight people that looking for diets that work, it should prove of equal value to all who have a curiosity or concern about their body, about what makes the machine tick – the human diets that work. Effective diets will show you how to feed that machine for a maximum working efficiency with least breakdown and greatest durability.

Effective diets – High Protein


The effective diets keynote which we shall sound continually is “high protein diet plan.” Young and old, sick and well, underweight, “normal” or obese, a balanced high-protein diet will best provide each of you with the nourishment essential to true health and well-being. And for the overweight, a high-protein reducing diet will help you lose weight painlessly, surely, safely.

Effective diet will be painless because it is easy to follow and pleasant to take. No ineffectual calorie counting, no flavored yet vomitory mixture or oil to drink and no starvation!

Simply by eating more of high-protein foods (meats that stick-to-the-ribs, “anti-cholesterol” fish, “perfect food” milk and its products), you will set in motion the physiological processes which will reshape your body into what it might have been and can still become.

Our effective diets is safe because high-protein contains the source materials which your tissues and organs require for constant repair and replacement of its minute-by-minute cellular obsolescence. Your body will thus be preserved while you build new muscle structure in place of the discarded fat. You do not need to starve your body in order to slim it down.

Effective diets able to attacks the most common cause of obesity

Finally and of the greatest importance, our effective diet is sure because it attacks the most common cause of obesity, which is overeating or bad eating in response to the false pangs of “chemical hunger.” If high-protein is to be the keynote of this book, then its recurrent theme will be chemical hunger: the gnawing symptoms produced by your blood sugar chemistry.

High Protein Effective diets kills your chemical hunger

Effective diets with high protein kills chemical hunger through regulating your blood sugar levels, we shall see how later. The destruction of this pseudo-appetite will let you diet without having to call upon superhuman control and 24 hour vigilance. It thereby ensures the success o£ your dietary program.

FAD diets

A few decades back it was a political rallying cry that one-third of the nation went hungry. Today, recent polls tell us, one in three persons is contemplating reducing, while about one in five has already made the attempt and backslid. It has also been estimated that about one adult in four is overweight, that is, at least twenty million women and ten million men. You are not alone.

In our fortunate land, for the first time in the history of man, almost all of us can satisfy not only hunger but our craving for the richest and most luxurious foods. The average American today can afford obesity and even heart disease.

A recent Christmas issue of Life featured on its cover page, in place of the woman or man of the hour, an equally glamorous plum pudding flambe, with recipe on an inside page, together with a dozen other luscious and fat-gathering holiday concoctions. On every side, through all the propaganda media, our senses are dazzled by a multimillion dollar processing industry, coaxing our appetite with a vast array of boxes, cans and botties packaged by Madison Avenue, all begging, “Eat me!” “Drink me!” And it would certainly be nice if we could glut ourselves without fear of consequences.

We are living in a veritable wonderland. Alice in her wonderland, you may remember, partook of the “Drink me” bottle and grew so gargantuan she could no longer see her own feet. Luckily, she was able to dwarf herself down instantly by eating of a bit of cake. If only we had that recipe! It is being sought after as eagerly as explorers once looked for the Fountain of Youth.

Effective diets vs Magic formulas, Gimmicks and FAD diets

FAD diets

Later we shall analyze the various magic formulas, gimmicks and fad diets to learn why they fail. Recently, the 900 calorie merchants have claimed to furnish a brand new full diet containing all the essential food values of protein, carbohydrates and fats, plus vitamins and minerals. But they already had a precurser several years ago in McCall’s miracle diet, a six-ounce goblet of “golden eggnog” drunk seven times a day. When Vogue countered with its own twenty-five day “New cottage cheese diet,” a battle of the women’s mags started. The New York Times Magazine was then moved to comment wryly on the “Great American Dieting Neurosis.”

Instead of having effective diets that work, women continue to flock to slenderizing salons and people spend millions on do-it-yourself home reducing gadgets. Men and women do a yearly vacation penance at milk farms, health resorts and spas, where they are starved, steam-cabineted, “masseured” and electrically vibrated for a net loss of perhaps five pounds a week, much of it water, at a cost reaching a hundred dollars per pound. They then return home emaciated, but flushed with a hard-won victory, only to recover their fat almost as rapidly and often with a dividend.

Rather than implementing the above discussed the most effective diets plan… the solution seems to point to calorie counting and millions of Americans are doing it. If a calorie surplus produces fat, they reason, then reverse the process. Create a calorie deficit by cutting down sharply on the intake of food and you slim out.

Yet this doesn’t seem to work very well and we shall see why in a later chapter. Put briefly here, it is less the total quantity of food we eat than the kind, the nature of the calories consumed, that is significant. After all, this effective diets knowledge of food values must be put to work in a long range program.

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