Protein diet plan will help you lose weight healthfully and comfortably. You will need energy for your daily tasks, therefore, your body must utilize the fat that has been stored away in your body tissue. The result is that the stored energy is used instead of fresh energy being adapted, and your excess pounds are worn away, steadily and surely.


To get a better picture of what happens to protein when it enters the body, let us look at the basic process of digestion and metabolism in the body. In digestion, the food is broken down into the component substances. In metabolism, these substances are rebuilt into living matter.

Basically, what happens in digestion is that substances which the body manufactures – enzymes – attack the food that you have eaten. These enzymes bring about a chemical change in that food and break it down into simpler and less complex substances, so that your own system can utilize various aspects of the food where it may be needed in your body.

It is not unlike the processes involved in the construction of a building. The materials used for building have to be created out of trees, rocks and raw metals. The materials used in body building have to be created out of proteins and carbohydrates and fats.

When proteins enter the body, they do so in large chunks. These get broken down into the amino acids. In order to be used in the building of the body, the carbohydrates are broken down into sugars. And the fats are split up into fatty acids.

After this breaking down – digestive – process takes place; the materials necessary for building are ready. These are the foundation necessary for the next step of metabolism, the building up.


But, again, as in the construction of a building, you don’t build at the place where you turned the trees into lumber, or shaped the rocks into building stones, or refined and molded the metal. So the substances that digestion has created are now absorbed into the system and are transported where they are most needed in the building process.

The amino acids and the sugars get into the blood capillaries. They are dispatched all over the body to feed the cells. The product of fat digestion, however, often proves to be the weak link in the building process. The tiny fat globules which have resulted from the digestive process of consumed fat re-combine and move about the body in what is known as the lymphatic system. While the blood carries the other products to their jobs quickly, the lymph—a fluid similar to blood plasma and which fills the spaces between the tissue cells, acts like stagnant water in a swamp. It has little or no movement. It is obvious, then, that the fat becomes congested around the body as these fatty deposits are laid down in layers under the skin or in more remote recesses.

Protein diet plan is, therefore is an essential building block for a healthy body. And a fat body, obviously, is not a healthy body. It is apparent, then, that there are certain essentials in maintaining a healthy diet that works and a high protein diet will help you lose weight healthfully and comfortably.

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