Protein diet plan is essential to a healthy diets that work. Protein is the “first” food of life. Certain basic foods can provide all the protein essentials. Excessive intake of protein does not easily convert to fat.

Nine persons out of every ten who have ever been on a diet have asked, at one time or another, “What is a protein?”, “What is a protein diet plan?


To most persons who attempted to reduce, and to other overweight persons who have contemplated the idea but have never done anything about it, the principle of diet has always been calorie-counting. This, as has already been pointed out, is very scientific. The difficulty is that in order to follow a calorie diet to the finest degree you have to carry a complete chart of all foods, with their caloric values, and a system of weighing and measuring every portion you eat. In addition, you have to know exactly what went into the preparation of everything you consume.

It becomes obvious, then, that in order to maintain a calorie counting diet, you are undertaking a task that is virtually impossible.

But diets that work means “proper food.” And one of the basic “proper foods” that is essential to all life is something called protein. Protein diet plan is basically the “stuff of life.”

Protein diet plan for your body

Protein diet plan. Your body is made up largely of protein: your skin, muscles, internal organs, nails, hair, brain, and even the base of your bones. Only when protein of excellent quality is supplied can every cell in your body function normally and keep itself in constant repair. Since your muscles contain a greater amount of protein than the other parts of your body, all you have to do is look at yourself in the mirror to estimate roughly the adequacy of your protein intake.

If our mirror shows you an erect body, then you can suspect that you have strong, well-nourished muscles. For it is only such muscles that can automatically hold your body erect. When your muscles have not received the food necessary for their repair, they must lose their elasticity just as an old rubber band does. The result is poor posture.

The word protein was derived from a Greek word meaning “first,” since food contains five main constituents and since the first in order of importance is protein. Protein is “first” because it supplies the complex chemical molecules from which life itself is created. From it, new tissue is formed, thus permitting growth, and dead or used-up tissue is replaced. Scientific research has shown conclusively that without protein there could be no life as we know it.

Protein diet plan explained

Protein in different foods is made up of varying combinations of twenty-two simpler materials called amino acids. If need be, the body can make its own supply of more than half of these amino acids. But the remaining amino acids must come ready-made from food. And to get the best use of these special ones, the body needs them all together, either in one food or in some combination of foods.

Protein has other peculiar and remarkable properties. Our knowledge of these has not been reached by scientific research but has been discovered by experience. For instance, it has been discovered that people who habitually practicing protein diet plan,  that is to say, one which contains relatively small amounts of fat and carbohydrates have more endurance and energy. They are summer, though not necessarily lighter, than those who habitually eat more carbohydrate and less protein.

Protein diet plan advantage

When protein is the predominant feature of our diet, we are more energetic, our endurance is greater, we tend to be slimmer, unnecessary and unsightly fat disappears, we are more resistant to infectious diseases, and we have a heightened sense of well being.

There is more than one scientific protein diet plan theory as to why this is so. But they are too complicated to go into here. Such are the facts, however. Athletes, when in training, eat a high-protein diet. It was once thought and this theory was held for a long time, that their increased powers of endurance and general fitness, as well as their absence of excess weight, were due to the amount of physical exercise that they took. It has, however, been proven that this is not the whole story, nor perhaps even the most important part of it.

Retired athletes, leading a sedentary life, if they continue on their high protein and low-carbohydrate, low-fat diet, will in general continue to feel very fit and keep slim, while those who abandon this protein diet plan will tend to run to fat.

Protein diet plan sources


Protein diet plan, it appears, then, that the body must have adequate amounts of protein at all times.

Where does one get this protein diet plan?

Meat, fish, eggs and cheese contain large amounts of protein that will contribute into diets that work protein diet plan. And these rich dietary sources of high-quality protein should be included in your daily diet in order to maintain health and youthfulness.

Since your body structure is largely protein, an under-supply can bring about aging with depressing speed. But when proteins are eaten, the body’s digestive process breaks them down and passes them into the blood and carries them throughout the body. The various cells of the body select those amino acids they need and use them to construct new body tissue as well as antibodies, hormones, enzymes and blood cells. During every instant of life, body proteins are being broken down by enzymes in your cells, and if your health is to be maintained, amino acids must be available for immediate replacement.

Protein diet plan and calories

Protein diet plan, of course, you will say, proteins include calories. Everything includes calories, but proteins proportionately have the lowest calorie content of the three basic food types – fats, carbohydrates, and proteins. Therefore, protein diet plan – without having to work mathematical miracles and without having to juggle complicated figures, you can eat the foods on a protein diet which can supply only the lowest possible caloric content. Without a superabundance of calories, and with the food you eat being pure tissue builder, your body has the least chance to convert into fat any excess calories from your meals.

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