Diets that work for women are very hot topic. I understood that you have not been successful over the long haul before to reduce your weight. Is there a “cure” to this long mystery weight loss issue? The answer is obviously not an outright “no.” You know that you have been able to lose weight on various diets that you have been on previously. In fact, you may have even lost all the weight you wanted to lose.


But a cure cannot be termed successful if it doesn’t “stick.” If the illness is going to become chronic, then the cures you have taken in the past have been useless in that they have only provided temporary relief. And a plan of temporary relief, if it has to be used again and again, is really a pointless plan when complete relief is possible.

Diets that work for women and Calorie counting

The point being made for diets that work for women is simple. Calorie counting can be an effective way of planning a diet to lose weight. The difficulty is, however, that a diet that comprises only calorie-counting is going to give you the kind of foods that are wrong for a reducing diet.

A calorie-counting diet provides a certain leeway in dieting that, while pleasant, is destructive, because it is too lenient in the type of foods permitted. The diet advocated by this book will also provide you with leeway— in fact, far more leeway in many respects than you have been used to with calorie-counting diets. But the leeway provided by the diet is one which adds to the health-giving aspects of a diet without adding to the destructive aspects of a calorie counting diet.


In order to have the best diets that work for women, you will need to be calorie counter. To be a calorie counter you have to be virtually the equivalent of a chartered accountant. You have to carry around with you a master chart, and a notebook to record your daily intake on a meal-by-meal and snack-by-snack basis. You end up spending almost as much time recording the number of calories taken in as you do in actually taking them in. And if anything is going to spoil the enjoyment of eating, it’s going to be the tedious task of calorie-count collecting.

Diets that work for women are very best if you are not a calorie counter. Proven diets that work for women is protein diet plan. You can learn it from here: Protein diet plan is absolutely diets that work for women.

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