Crash Diets that Work Fast

There are several hundred and new ones being added almost daily crash diets that work fast on which every overweight person tries at some time or another. Some of the more unusual ones have been a watermelon & grape diet, a boiled egg & skim milk diet, a mushroom and celery diet.

One of crash diets that work fast is a flavored, liquid, 900-calorie formula based on milk products, soy bean flour, and vegetable oil. The meal is over in one long drink. The formula is an improvement over most of the other crash diet programs simply because it is so convenient. It can be taken along for your lunch on the job, and for the woman at home it offers an artificial prop simply because she does not have to handle food or prepare it in any way and therefore there is no added temptation.

Crash Diet

6 Things You Need to Consider on Crash Diets that Work Fast

The following 6 facts should be consider and look into when you would like to have crash diets that work fast:

  1. Used as directed this crash diets that work plan, there will undoubtedly be some weight loss. But the amount will vary from person to person. Part of the immediate loss is a water loss. In most crash diets that work fast because these formula diets have a low salt content.
  2. The long-term effectiveness of these diets – that is, the maintenance of weight loss after the diet ends, appears to be comparable to that of other reducing programs which are unsuccessful on a long-term basis for the overwhelming majority of dieters.
  3. It is probable that many people will not be able to stay on this kind of diet for long periods of time.
  4. Used for short periods crash diets that work fast formula without medical supervision – these diets don’t seem to pose any health hazard that is too serious for most people. However, since experience indicates that these products frequently are used as a substitute for one or two meals a day, it has been found that the regular food intake at other meals is far greater than it should be and is often a counter balance to the effectiveness of such a diet.
  5. This crash diets that work fast must be noted well: There are some people with specific and possibly undiagnosed ailments who can be seriously hurt by staying on a crash diet of any sort (including these liquid diets) for any long period without medical advice.
  6. These crash diets that work fast formula, in themselves, are not a miracle cure for overweight problem. They have no magic properties that will help you lose weight easily, and permanently. Used as an occasional feeding to replace some regular meals, they can be partially effective and they are certainly harmless. But so would the same amount of calorie content served as plain milk, fruit, tea with honey, or any other of a long list of simple foods.

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