All natural weight loss

All natural weight loss principle is reducing your weight by having “exclusively high protein diet, low-carbohydrate and no fat” theory. It permits great quantities of foods which are high in vitamins and nutritive content, and it generally forbids foods which are low in these qualities.

All natural weight loss with High protein diet

natural weight loss

It has already been made quite clear that on this high protein diet you can eat as much of the permitted foods as you want. On the other hand, foods which are rich in easily available calories are strictly forbidden. You have already learned that, being overweight, you have a great number of calories which are stored in your excess fat and you cannot get rid of your excess weight unless these calories are used up.

Therefore, you will be permitted to eat all lean meats, poultry and sea foods you desire. However, all the visible fat must be trimmed from these foods.

With all natural weight loss, you will be permitted to eat all vegetables with five exceptions. The exceptions are the most common of the starchy vegetables. These are potatoes, corn, peas, rice, and beans of all types except string beans.

You will be permitted to use all condiments. There is no reason why salt (or, for that matter, water) should be limited in your all natural weight loss diet, unless your physician finds that there is a medical reason for this.

You may eat snacks between meals. These should consist of variations of the permitted foods and nothing else.

Simple All natural weight loss

natural weight loss

This makes for a strict but simple all natural weight loss diet and one which can be adhered to easily. If you follow this diet, there is no possibility whatsoever of cheating.

But, to make it quite clear as to what you may not eat, let us outline the forbidden foods for your diet:

  1. You may not eat bread or butter. A slice of protein bread is permissible at breakfast, but it should be omitted if possible.
  2. You may not eat fruit, except half of a small grapefruit or a small orange at breakfast, and one-eighth of a small melon for dessert at dinner.
  3. You may not eat sugars, fats or starches.
  4. You may not eat breakfast cereals.
  5. You may not have soup, except clear bouillon, consomme or other similar types.
  6. You may not drink fruit juices, but vegetable juices are acceptable.
  7. You may not drink liquor of any kind, or soft drinks. If you want to join your business lunch guests in a drink, order a “Bloody Awful”—which is a “Bloody Mary” without the vodka. It makes a sharp pick-me-up and aperitif, as does “bouillon on the rocks.” You may drink tea and coffee in unlimited quantities—without sugar or cream (though skimmed milk and any of the artificial sweetening agents may be used).
  8. You may not use oil or mayonnaise, but ketchup and cocktail sauce can be used in small quantities, or lemon juice or vinegar may be used as much as you want.

By having all natural weight loss above mentioned tips, it is wise to remember that tinned and frozen foods are packed under scientific control by the most modern methods. They are wholesome, sanitary, thoroughly cooked and easily digestible. They retain their vitamin and mineral content to a high degree. Moderation should be exercised in the intake of vegetables in a raw state. If eaten raw in excessive amounts, these vegetables may prove irritating. It’s advisable to balance your vegetable intake by making sure that at least half of those you eat are cooked.

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