Air Climber Fitness Stepper topped the charts of popularity in the category of fitness equipment home new era. If you are looking for easy and efficient-like gym sessions in the comfort of your living room, this device is the best choice for you. This engine the ability uses Air Power Technology (APT) to produce the resistance of the air for effective exercise sessions.


Air Climber Fitness Stepper is designed by Fitness guru, Brenda Dygraf, who has won many awards in his career. The National Association of the Infomercial Marketing crowned him as the best women of the year in 1996 presenter. One of the things that make this practice unit is the fact that it contains no metal body or heavy machinery to make it larger. The material used to make the Air climber is a special resin glass fibre filled, which is significantly light from other gym equipment. Let’s to look at a range of benefits associated with this home of fitness equipment to understand the most:

  • Facility: Easy to follow with the stepper drives make your experience exercising more fun. These sessions of tone, your body without you give any pressure or strain.
  • Convenience: You can use this engine to fitness while you are on the move. You do not have to adhere to rigorous gym routines, you can schedule your shipments of work according to your convenience.
  • Sustainability: Synthetic resin glass fibre used to make the Air Climber is extremely durable, strong and lightweight material. Therefore, this exercise unit can be used for a long time without break or rust (common in gym equipment).
  • Portability: features easily foldable and removable keep you one next step with your training sessions. In travel, you can simply pack it with your luggage and moving forward. Portability is a single factor, would not all fitness equipment.
  • The technology of air: air power technology (APT) is the technology that can give you drives effective without causing any damage or injury to your muscles or joints.
  • Range of sessions: A range of training sessions that can be done with this stepper fitness include the biceps, light aerobics, drives heavy ab. Tone muscles is actually possible in the legs, thighs, calves, the lower back, back, abs, buttocks, the midriff area high, shoulders, biceps and triceps.
  • Burning calories: The training sessions with the equipment of the House of physical fitness of double benefits. When you exercise with Air climber, you tone your body in addition to calories burn to lose the effective weight.
  • Affordability: This unit of the exercise is not an expensive case from the traditional or conventional gym equipment. This device is authentic in terms of “value for money” and is very well within your budget.
  • Different resistance levels: Based on endurance and strength that you can set appropriate resistance levels to make your workouts more effective. Different resistance levels help you in the exercise of moderate to intense training to your needs.
  • Light weight: The light factor is one of the characteristic most highlighting this unit of the exercise. You have no helping hand for carrying this material. Fitness stepper is strong enough to withstand a maximum weight of 300 pounds.

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