With so much conflicting information out there on fitness and exercise, it is not surprising that clients often want advice on the effectiveness of the machinery as a training tool.

The fact is that any what type of exercise equipment has advantages and disadvantages that others do not. In the end a pattern of good training will use a variety of exercises and equipment to produce “muscle confusion”, which is a central component of physical fitness training camps. That being said, consider looking at more closely the advantages and disadvantages of working with machines.



  • Of each machine, there may be several variants of this exercise you can do to work the muscles differently.
  • There are several different types of machines, each designed to work different muscle groups. If you workout in the gym you probably much choice, but if you workout of the House and only one, it can quickly old.
  • Hands down machines are the safest exercise tool because they allow only to move you within a certain range of motion (ROM), thereby limiting the chance that you will hurt yourself.
  • Machines – instructions – often have clear instructions with photos showing you the preferred method to operate the equipment to avoid injury.


  • The same range of movement limitation can also lead to neglecting the muscle fibers that help to stabilize.
  • Machines generally do not allow you use independently on each side of your body. This means that your strongest side will hide the lower side and your side lower will catch up never your strongest side.
  • Rehearsal & take – there is a reason that people share a laugh often have of clothes hanging from a piece of equipment of training in their home. In fact, one of the major factors that brings people to our fitness training camps is that after a certain point, machines can only you challenge so physical fitness.

Other considerations.


In General, using a machine means that you can lift more weight with weight plates due to the limited range of motion. This means that for people working from home can be great if for no other reason than safety.

However, you will find a little limited in what you can do, making even more important to change exercises and vary your routine. Free weights are an alternative as long as you don’t try to make it too, or at least have a lookout. But what method you choose, ranging from your exercise as much as possible to achieve the best results. You’ll be glad you did.

Training machines are great, but people looking to get a severe form and have more fun try programs of outdoor exercise as our fitness training camps. Learn more about how our personal trainers can whip shaped you trying a free class.

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