What makes a treadmill to have an edge among the various exercise equipment that are available on the market today despite the fact that you will expend a lot of money when buy you it? While in fact, you can exercise outside your home without even a cost. Well, while reflecting on this subject, a treadmill can offer you the same benefits as the burning of calories and lose excess weight rather than go outside and race exercise. It can even provide the best cardiovascular training to strengthen your heart while giving you a stronger lungs in even.


Following is a list of some of the advantages and disadvantages of a carpet wheelchair exercise in the open air of the course:


  • Indoor course with the use of treadmill provides hassle-free training sessions. Sometimes when doing outdoor running there is a trend that it will rain, the heat is so high or even the weather is very windy so find you stay at home until that bad weather to sag.
  • It also offers a training secure on the comfort of your home while giving you more privacy. Race outdoors tends to become a little risky, because it is inevitable that accidents could occur on roads especially close the cars coming from your side to side. In addition, for persons who do not have preference exercising outdoors like jogging on the Park of the exercise practice and better activity for you is to make indoor running with the use of treadmill.
  • Another positive aspect is advanced shock absorber. It prevents you from more strain on your feet contrary to running on concrete surfaces in an outdoor setting. It also contains the tread belt and deck with great functionality cushioning which is very convenient for a jumper that puts additional mileage each week in his training regimen.



  • A clear negative aspect of a treadmill is its cost. The price of costs usually $ 1,500 to $ 4,000. There are also some expensive maintenance and repairs you must suffer so that you can have a piece of good sustainable performance of equipment.
  • Boredom is also a disadvantage when it comes to interior running. However, you have the opportunity to make some additional activities as listening to music or watching television while working but for some people in a treadmill appears as a tedious to do so.
  • Finally, large footprint even with the type of fold-away so he can certainly take a lot of space at home.

Useful advice

To come up with a unique solution, it is best if do you exercise indoors and on your preferred schedule. What is important is it can maintain your current lifestyle and can meet your specific needs to keep your body healthy and appropriate. In addition, you should keep in mind that regular exercise is also important to avoid accidents and injuries by training with your treadmill.

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